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"Thank you for this course. It definitely has helped me make some mental improvements for sure. I did not weigh myself or track food during this. My wins came from not binging, eating anything sweetened or drinking coffee. I am going to keep moving forward with this protocol because I honestly enjoy it. I enjoy getting up and seeing sunrise everyday, I enjoy grounding and walking. I also don't mind eating in the morning. I will keep this up going forward and start doing cold therapy in the morning as well before I go workout."

Jeremy Fritsch

"Wins: I Have way more energy I'm not hungry right after I eat I'm down to 3 meals a day rather than 5 When I get hungry I'm not noticing that extreme blood sugar dip I'm on a healthier sleep schedule This has been a wonderful kick forward on my health journey. I am excited to keep learning and growing and I'm even more hopeful that my body can heal! Thank you Sarah for your guidance and clear dissemination of info. I really appreciate the small doses!"

Dorie Silverman

"This is the best course for my health I have ever taken! I was already doing so many things by just following Sarah online, and thought, "do I really need to do the course?" OMG I'm so glad I did! The information Sarah gives in the course and the knowledge behind all of it is priceless! I wasn't doing sunrise the way I should have been, and now my routine has changed in a way that I feel so much better! Thank you so much Sarah - you are the best!"

Jodi Donolon



"I was a little hesitant to purchase your nutrition course, because I have literally tried EVERYTHING (vegan, medical medium, keto, carnivore, fasting, etc.) and noting has been sustainable. I bought your Quantum Nutrition program the day you released it & I have enjoyed everything minute of it! I am finally down 15 pounds and it was so easy (and I am 47 with a STUBBORN metabolism). This program is easy to follow & like nothing else out there. Makes so much sense. Thank you!"

"After years of keto & carnivore - and feeling like “the outlier” when it comes to success and weight loss, this program was truly a God-sent for me! The program is simple - yet so profound, and I learned so many fascinating things that were easy to apply in my daily life for big shifts and changes! I finally feel like I can rely on my hunger signals again and have started losing weight without being tied to calorie counting or hours of exercise. If you are struggling to understand why your body isn’t responding to diet and exercise, hungry more often than you should be (and frustrated) - this program is for you!"

"I LOVED all of the quantum information, your willingness to cover all ranges of topics during the community calls, and the way you provided extra videos each week to go deeper on certain topics!"



This course was amazing! I was struggling with unexplained infertility for years and felt like I had tried everything. After my last failed IVF transfer, my YouTube algorithm popped up with Carrie and Sarah's video about hormones and mosquitos. I watched it and was amazed by all the concepts that I had never considered factors in health or fertility.

I started their course in August 2022 and implemented all the quantum suggestions right away. Morning sunlight, leptin reset, cold plunges, red light, C60, structured water, harmonizing NNEMF, blue blockers at night, grounding, and so much more. Ihad a second embryo transfer on September 30, 2022 and found out on October 12, 2022 that I was successfully pregnant for the first time in my life.

This course gave me so much hope not just for conceiving but for my long-term health moving forward. I would love to be able to have one more child if I am lucky and I feel like, with this information, I will not have to go back to IVF. I honestly believe the next one will be natural, even at the age of 39/40.

Thank you Carrie and Sarah for sharing this amazing information and your own wonderful stories on healing and health!!! My husband (45) and I (38) are amazed every day that we are finally getting the family we have been dreaming of for so long!!!!

"This course has taught me so much! My sleep has improved, and I can literally feel changes happening in my body. I think implementing all of the things I learned will not only help me with fertility but also with some gut issues that I have been struggling with."

"What I find really great and valuable is that there is the possibility for a follow up in the subsequent courses. There was nothing I did not like at all. I found the chapter on mindset for fertility very valuable."



Thank you for creating your course Circadian Health for the Busy Person. I live where the days range from 15 hours and 44 minutes (5:24 AM - 9:07 PM) to 8 hours and 40 minutes (7:52 AM - 4:32 PM). To say the least, trying to figure out how to manage a good Circadian rhythm while having a set time to be at work, and trying to consider such swings in sunlight was challenging. Your wonderful sections on office workers and northern latitudes explained how to mitigate my challenges. So now, armed with a red light panel and some blue blockers, Iā€™m ready for the short days of winter.Ā One of the best things about this course is that you make the information incredibly easy to understand. You provide easy to implement steps that are free or very affordable. I appreciate you and all the free content you provide in addition to your courses (that are so worth the money).