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Quantum Nutrition

All the tools you need to understand and implement the best nutrition for your body. This is a unique course that goes beyond diet dogma, and looks at appropriate nutrition based on your level of leptin sensitivity, seasons, sunlight & what makes the most sense from an ancestral lens to help you achieve the best and most optimal health possible! Modules included in this course: The role of Sunlight in our nutrition The role Circadian and Circannual rhythms and best practices Sensitivity - Respecting your leptin sensitivity & understanding leptin as whole Sensibility - Meeting yourself where you are in your current diet The role of hydration in Quantum Nutrition The role of deuterium  FAQs - Gut health and food addiction How to lose weight/stabilize weight with this program - Regaining Leptin Sensitivity Gut issues - Special considerations beyond Circadian biology when changing your diet How long should I follow the Quantum Nutrition Plan & can I go "off plan" Considerations for those with chronic illness - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding FAQs about "seasonal meat" - nuts/seeds & high fat foods Winter Diet with food list Summer Diet with food list Approaching Quantum Nutrition from a higher carb background When and How to follow Quantum Keto When and How to follow Quantum Carnivore Quantum low carb Quantum sensitivity days - When and how to change things up/carb cycle Quantum Fasting - When and if you should fast & how Special section for women: Your Infradian rhythm

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Circadian Health for the busy person

By now you may have heard about the importance of circadian rhythms in regards to your health, and how circadian dysregulation is tied to most modern day metabolic diseases including obesity - cancer & depression! But what do you do if your environment or schedule for obtaining those optimal circadian rhythms is less than ideal? Can city dwellers, office workers, parents of small children, night shift workers and those who live in Northern latitudes still maximize their circadian rhythms?  Absolutely - but it requires some creativity and ingenuity. Circadian health for the busy person is a 10 part video course that will teach you: Why circadian rhythms are the missing part to most health journeys & the science behind the correlation to diseases, autoimmune issues and metabolic disorders A thorough explanation of how each organ system & the endocrine system and our deep repair processes are directly tied to circadian rhythms How to “hack your environment” when it is less than ideal How food & temperature are secondary circadian signalers, and how to maximize both for optimal health Other circadian disrupters you may not have thought about and how to mitigate Simple and effective tools you can utilize when your circadian environment is less than ideal This course includes circadian enhancement and entrainment strategies for special populations (a sub-module for each audience): City dwellers, early risers (who have to be at work before sunrise or after sunset) & office workers Parents who have small children that keep less than ideal sleeping schedules Shift workers who work nights Northern latitudes This is a 10 part video course with multiple PDF downloads and scientific studies to back up all the claims and help educate and empower you to continue to have your most optimal health - even when conditions are less than ideal.

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Harnessing the power of the sun

Did you know that LIGHT is the main signal that controls your metabolism - mood & sleep? Yes food is important (and we will discuss optimal nutrition in this webinar) - but if your light environment is less than optimal your metabolism, mood & sleep will be less than optimal!   Join Sarah Kleiner - Quantum Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach & ERYT for this class that will help you harness the power of the sun & your light environment to supercharge your overall health!   As we step into SUMMER the light is changing - as is the availability of vitamin D. Let's learn how to safely expose your body and eyes to sun (no matter what your skin type), optimize your daily environment (no matter where you work or where in the world you live) - and experience the metabolic & mental health benefits!   WE WILL DISCUSS:   The science of how light & circadian rhythms control your metabolism, sleep & mental health.   How to figure out your skin type & safely expose your skin & eyes to the sun no matter where you live in the world.   Optimal nutrition and meal timing as we move into spring & summer.   How to build a solar callus (and what is a solar callus)   How to safely build your vitamin D levels & troubleshooting Vitamin D levels.   Mitigation strategies for less than optimal light environments at work & home.   The importance of hydration & mineral balance for optimal metabolism & vitamin D absorption.   The optimal sleeping environment & mitigation strategies for your home or apartment.   How red light therapy & UV light therapy can help or even harm sleep (and how to do those therapies safely)   And MORE!

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Hydration 101: Quantum modalities and considerations for low carb keto & carnivore

What you can expect from this course: LEARN ALL ABOUT HOW TO HYDRATE YOUR BODY ON A CELLULAR LEVEL! We have all been told "drink 8 glasses of water per day" (or worse) "drink a gallon of water per day", but what if I told you that our hydration status is dependent on many more factors than the amount of water that we drink? In "Hydration 101" we will learn all about the water network inside of the body, and how the severity of disease or dysfunction that we suffer from is innately connected to the severity of the body’s disorganization of water structure. What does this mean in simple terms?  The water inside your body is meant to provide you with energy & the ability to heal from stresses that we encounter on a daily basis, but if you are constantly doing things that dehydrate your body - all the electrolytes in the world are not going to save you. This webinar will go beyond common knowledge like:  "2:1 ratio for sodium/potassium" & actually explain how certain minerals work inside the body on a cellular level & how the water inside of our bodies provides us with energy to run our metabolism and daily functions! In this webinar we will cover: Types of water to drink & types of water to avoid and why Why drinking excess water is counterproductive in true hydration How we actually become dehydrated (beyond not drinking enough water or sweating too much) - What is true hydration? Why things like excess urination & thirst signal metabolic dysfunction and underlying disease How we can properly re-hydrate the body BEYOND what we drink How to coach your mitochondria to make more water The benefits of structured water & how to make your own without spending and arm and a leg on a fancy device Minerals that are essential to our water and how to add them to your water source And more!   

$59.00 USD