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Quantum Nutrition

All the tools you need to understand and implement the best nutrition for your body. This is a unique course that goes beyond diet dogma, and looks at appropriate nutrition based on your level of leptin sensitivity, seasons, sunlight & what makes the most sense from an ancestral lens to help you achieve the best and most optimal health possible! Modules included in this course: The role of Sunlight in our nutrition The role Circadian and Circannual rhythms and best practices Sensitivity - Respecting your leptin sensitivity & understanding leptin as whole Sensibility - Meeting yourself where you are in your current diet The role of hydration in Quantum Nutrition The role of deuterium  FAQs - Gut health and food addiction How to lose weight/stabilize weight with this program - Regaining Leptin Sensitivity Gut issues - Special considerations beyond Circadian biology when changing your diet How long should I follow the Quantum Nutrition Plan & can I go "off plan" Considerations for those with chronic illness - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding FAQs about "seasonal meat" - nuts/seeds & high fat foods Winter Diet with food list Summer Diet with food list Approaching Quantum Nutrition from a higher carb background When and How to follow Quantum Keto When and How to follow Quantum Carnivore Quantum low carb Quantum sensitivity days - When and how to change things up/carb cycle Quantum Fasting - When and if you should fast & how Special section for women: Your Infradian rhythm

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