This course was created with you in mind.

  • You've been trying to conceive for years, taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test with nothing but negatives to show for it.
  • You might have gone through several rounds of IVF with no luck.
  • You've done everything right—changed your diet, done the work, taken the supplements per your doctor's instructions. Nothing has gotten you closer to a positive pregnancy test.
  • You've been told that you have to resort to donor eggs and even that might not work.

So many people are struggling to get pregnant. The savvier of them may believe that turning to things like nutrition and supplements to try to support fertility are the best things they can do in order to get pregnant.

However, even more foundational than those things are quantum health strategies involving circadian rhythm, mitochondrial health, sleep and more.

  • Did you know that your light environment is the main cue your body uses to signal hormone production?
  • Did you know that your mitochondria actually make pregnenolone? The hormone that then becomes all other sex hormones from progesterone to testosterone to cortisol.
  • Did you know that your mitochondria get to decide if your body is able to grow a baby and will either shift your hormones towards fertility or, if your mitochondria are not their healthiest, you will instead funnel more of your hormones towards your stress hormone—cortisol—and shut down fertility?

This is why quantum health matters & why we created this course. Because when we tend to the key things that optimize our circadian rhythm and mitochondrial health, we influence so many pathways that support fertility.

What if we told you there was another way?

Optimize your circadian rhythm and mitochondrial health & influence so many pathways that support fertility.


What You Can Expect From This Course:

An in-depth understanding as well as implementation of:

  • A pre-recorded 6 week program with video lessons, downloadable PDFs
  • Lessons for those TTC & additional practitioner modules for each topic
  • Access to Sarah’s Private group with weekly Zoom meetings on Fridays & Carrie’s private group with meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays 
  • How to implement circadian rhythms for optimal fertility 
  • All-encompassing methods to support your mitochondria
  • An understanding of the key hormone Leptin & how to fix leptin resistance
  • Implementation strategies that you can easily apply in your daily life
  • Carrie's 3-hour Mitochondrial Healing workshop & Sarah' Cold Therapy course at no additional charge
  • Practitioner modules
  • Over 35 hours of Q&A replays from prior live cohorts  

Quantum Fertility On Demand


Lesson 1: The Science of Circadian Rhythms

  1. How to Implement Circadian Rhythms
  2. Practitioner Module: Cricadian Rhythms & Lab Ranges
  3. Bonus: Light & Neurotransmitters
  4. Quantum Mindset for Fertility for Practitioners
  5. Quantum Mindset for Fertility 

Lesson 2: Leptin & Fertility

  1. The How of Leptin Sensitivity 
  2. Leptin for Practitioners
  3. Bonus Lesson:  Working in an office environment for optimal fertility & Mitochondrial workshop links
  4. Bonus Lesson: Prenatal and Pregnancy Supplements
  5. Practitioner Bonus Module - Spike Protein and Fertility
  6. Bonus Module: Spike Protein Detox Protocol  

Lesson 3: Mitochondria & Fertility

  1. Mitochondria & Fertility - Mitochondria for Practitioners
  2. Cold Therapy for Practitioners
  3. Breathing for Practitioners
  4. Deuterium for Practitioners

Mini Lessons:

  • Red Light Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy for Practitioners
  • Cold Therapy
  • Gathering Electrons 
  • Breathing
  • Deuterium

Lesson 4: Water

  1. The Science of EZ Water and Fertility 
  2. Drinking Water and Fertility 
  3. Practitioner Module: About EZ Water 

Lesson 5: NNEMF

  1. NNEMF - The Science
  2. NNEMF: How To Mitigate
  3. NNEMF for Practitioners

Lesson 6: Quantum Sleep

  1. Quantum Sleep for Fertility
  2. Quantum Sleep for Practitioners


A self-led, on demand comprehensive program that has helped our clients get pregnant easily, stop spending all of their time and money on lab tests and unnecessary supplements, and stop buying extra tools to "boost" their fertility.