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Heal by addressing more than just your food… Understand and heal your mitochondria!

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21 Day Leptin Reset

$247.00 USD

Are you suffering from cravings and having issues feeling satisfied when you eat? Are you having trouble losing or gaining weight? Are you suffering from inflammation? Perhaps you have been told you have PCOS or hormonal imbalances, but you are not insulin resistant? You could be leptin resistant! Leptin is a signaling hormone that is responsible for our weight, mood, hormonal balance, immune system, and more! You will learn the science behind leptin, how you become leptin resistant in the first place, and how to reverse it.

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Metabolism Makeover Masterclass

$99.00 USD

Maximize your metabolism this year & understand how light affects your hormones, metabolic rate & overall health. How and why we actually become overweight - what most nutrition experts completely miss. How some of your daily habits are slowing down your metabolism & how to shift this in the opposite direction. How your hormones create weight gain or weight loss & how to optimize your master hormones to maximize your metabolism

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Quantum Nutrition

$329.00 USD

This course offers a unique approach to nutrition that goes beyond diet dogma and focuses on appropriate nutrition based on your individual needs. It covers a variety of topics, including the role of sunlight, circadian and circannual rhythms, leptin sensitivity, hydration, and deuterium. The course also addresses questions related to gut health and food addiction, eating seasonally, the impact of diets (like keto, high carb, and carnivore), and considerations for those with chronic illness. Additionally, it offers tips for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and a special section on infradian rhythms. Quantum Nutrition offers all the tools you need to understand and implement the best nutrition for your body!

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Quantum Exercise

$347 USD

Access 14 video modules, an at-home program for people who are just getting back into training, 12-week program to help you build strength & burn fat efficiently

Access modules on weights for fat loss, understanding cortisol, how to exercise when you have chronically elevated cortisol, hormones & exercise, nutrient timing and food sources & more.

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Quantum Fertility On Demand

$1597 USD

A self-led, on demand comprehensive program that has helped our clients get pregnant easily, stop spending all of their time and money on lab tests and unnecessary supplements, and stop buying extra tools to "boost" their fertility.

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Circadian Health for the Busy Person

$147.00 USD

Can city dwellers, office workers, parents of small children, night shift workers, and those who live in Northern latitudes still maximize their circadian rhythms? Absolutely! In this course you’ll learn why circadian rhythms are the missing part to most health journeys and the science behind the correlation to diseases, autoimmune issues, and metabolic disorders. We’ll cover a thorough explanation of how each organ system, the endocrine system, and our deep repair processes are directly tied to circadian rhythms, and provide environmental hacks to optimize your circadian rhythm, regardless of your life circumstances.

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Circadian Health for Busy Moms

$79.00 USD

Finally - a course that takes the erratic and stressful schedule of moms into account! Understand why moms have such hard time regulating their cortisol levels & how to troubleshoot using free and simple tools. Learn what is the importance of Circadian Health for your entire family & how to make it work with a crazy schedule. Learn how to create a Circadian lifestyle when your partner and or children are not on board

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Cold Therapy for Physical & mental Health with Special Considerations for Gender & Current Health

$97.00 USD

Are you ready to experience better physical and mental health, improve your immune system, sleep better, and have better hormonal balance? Have you been wanting to learn more about the science of cold therapy and how to start, but are hesitant because of your current health condition, age, or gender? This course is a thorough overview of how cold therapy could help you improve your physical and mental health - all while taking your personal safety into consideration.

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Harnessing the power of the sun

$59.00 USD

Did you know that light is the main signal that controls your metabolism, mood, and sleep? Yes, food is important (and we will discuss optimal nutrition in this webinar) - but if your light environment is less than optimal, your metabolism, mood, and sleep will be less than optimal! In this 120 minute webinar we’ll cover sun exposure, seasonal nutrition, vitamin plans, hormonal and mitochondrial health, and environmental adjustments so you can create an actionable plan for your health, today!

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Winter is coming - Your mitochondrial guide for thriving in winter

$59.00 USD

Your mitochondrial guide for thriving health in winter! How do you optimize your circadian health during the winter when it is much colder and we have much less sun? What tools are great enhancers of mitochondrial health, and what tools could be potentially harmful? In this 120 minute webinar, you’ll learn a concrete plan going forward to help you avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter weight gain & illness, circadian disruption, and more!

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Hydration 101: Quantum modalities and considerations for low carb keto & carnivore

$59.00 USD

We have all been told "drink 8 glasses of water per day" (or worse) "drink a gallon of water per day", but what if I told you that our hydration status is dependent on many more factors than the amount of water that we drink? In this course, you will learn about hydration on a cellular level and how it affects your body's ability to heal and function. The course will go beyond common knowledge about hydration, such as the 2:1 ratio for sodium/potassium, and explain how certain minerals work inside the body. The water inside your body is meant to provide you with energy and the ability to heal from stress - time to let it do its job!

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Deuterium - What it is & how it influences our health

$49.00 USD

Understand on a basic level what deuterium is and how it affects your mitochondrial function and overall health.

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