What you'll get:

  • 14 video modules (see below for details)
  • At home program for people who are just getting back into training
  • 12 week gym program to help you build strength & burn fat efficiently 
  • 7 hours of Q&A replay calls answering common questions 

Modules included in this course:

  • A strength coach's approach to Quantum Exercise
  • What's wrong with cardio?
  • Weights for fat loss 
  • Sets & contractions
  • Understanding Cortisol
  • How to exercise when you have chronically elevated cortisol
  • Hormones & Exercise - the basics for men and women
  • Circadian rhythms and athletic performance
  • Chronotypes & exercise times
  • Nutrient timing and food sources
  • Quantum Rest & Recovery (red light therapy, cold therapy & sauna techniques and strategies)
  • Special Considerations for the Menstrual Cycle 

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Zoom calls will be held for 4 Wednesdays in a row starting on July 19th at 9:30am EST

About Coach Rob:

As an international Lecturer/Coach and Published author, Rob has spent the last 21 years as a strength and conditioning coach.  Coaching professional athletes, physique and bikini competitors, strongman competitors, title holders and World Champions in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judoka's for Team USA.

Rob has worked with a diverse range of athletes; coaching Olympians and medalists in the sports of Soccer, National Champions in Track & Field, and NFL athletes from the Bengals, Giants and Vikings. Proudly, he has coached over 31 athletes in multiple sports to NCAA Division 1 scholarships.  

Rob has been coached and mentored privately by the late Charles Poliquin.  He has spent years studying directly under Charles and other acclaimed coaches like Loren Seagrave (Track & Field), Boris Sheiko (powerlifting) Jud Logan (Track & Field), Derek Woodske, Andre Benoit and functional medicine doctors Dr Robert Silverman and Dr. Bob Rakowski.  

Throughout his time coaching, Rob has also spent time as a head coach for Track and Field events like the Hurdles, Triple Jump, and Long Jump. He is currently an active strongman competitor who has competed at the USS National Championships

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