Metabolism Makeover Masterclass

Maximize your metabolism this year & understand how light affects your hormones, metabolic rate & overall health.

We will discuss:

  • How and why we actually become overweight - what most nutrition experts completely miss 
  • How some of your daily habits are slowing down your metabolism & how to shift this in the opposite direction 
  • How your hormones create weight gain or weight loss & how to optimize your master hormones to maximize your metabolism 
  • The most important light frequencies to optimize your metabolism & how light interacts with your hormones for optimal weight
  • How to maximize your light exposure even when you have a busy job/kids/live in less than optimal environments (northern latitudes with early sunrise)
  • How to optimize your gut and nutrition for maximum metabolic benefits (what diet is best for summer/warmer months)
  • Your ideal day in the warmer months to rev up your metabolism & how to troubleshoot
  • What is safe sun exposure & how does this support a health metabolism, hormones and weight
  • What is the problem with sunglasses & how ccan they create hormone trouble 
  • How to stay hydrated with best practices for water - minerals & internal cellular hydration (looking beyond what we ingest)
  • Common issues with vitamin D & how to maximize production
  • Evening routines to maximize melatonin production & all about how melatonin revs up your metabolism (and why melatonin supplements are not always ideal or effective) 
  • What is the best diet for weight loss & how to continually adapt this as your body changes 


This is a 2-1/2 hour class with slides you can download - as well as a printable transcript.

This also includes 3 guides & TONS of additional resources to scientifically support all of the information in the course.

$99.00 USD